Grisley Arias

Creative Director + Co Founder

Born in 1994 and bred in Flushing Queens, Grisley Arias is a self-taught artist, videographer and entrepreneur. With experience in business and technology, he has always approached life from a business point of view while understanding commerce and studying at the New York City of Technology in Electromechanics Technology.


Aside from his professional career, he co-founded Unfamous NY in efforts of establishing a multicultural platform regarding all mediums including fashion, music, film, writing and dance. By bringing light to the culture he was raised with, Grisley's mission is to preserve New York City's historical inspiration which he believes will continue to evolve into the modern age of community. Grisley also manages his own recording studio in Queens, "No Cap Records" in order to create opportunities for unrecognized talent.


In addition to his management efforts, Grisley has developed expertise in graphic designing, advertising and strategizing for current methods of effective marketing and communication.

On his spare time, Grisley refines his drawing skills and screen prints on T-shirts and hoodies. He also supports his local community by attending upcoming exhibitions throughout NYC. Grisley will always remain in touch with his creative roots while simultaneously evolving and cultivating new ways of showing expression that are impactful to society. He channels his inspiration to never stop creating.



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