Art and Development Manager 

From the Boogie Down Bronx, Poler first started drawing at a young age which helped develop his artistic talent today. From picking up his first spray can in middle school to the current detailed pieces of canvas work, he has developed an avid set of skills which comes from being a New Yorker. His artwork is a mixture of mixed media, graffiti and portraits. Poler prides himself in his ability to provide top quality canvases for his clients and not cutting corners by taking his time to create a valuable piece of artwork.


In 2014, he participated in his first group show with Unfamous NY and has been an active member since through his development and management of art exhibitions. Aside from logistical work, Poler specializes in hands on exhibition installation and micromanagement of each project. On his spare time, Poler is a basketball enthusiast and a Korean BBQ lover.


Painting murals in The Bronx since before he can even remember, Poler holds a sacred connection to his hometown and hopes to spread the experience gained with Unfamous NY by representing his borough. He continues to create opportunities and source independent artists who have never formally displayed their work in a gallery setting while organizing and promoting all exhibits and art installations. 



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