Communications Specialist 

Hailing from Jamaica, Queens, Roman is the embodiment of a New York local to the fullest. He is the offspring of immigrants, giving him the ability to speak three languages and form deep bonds with all. He is an avid lover of all artistic mediums including photography, videography, music production, fashion, and anything that spawns creativity. When he’s not working as a full time business consultant, Roman can typically be found traveling and developing community-driven events to make a lasting impact on the environment around him through art.


He is also a passionate animal lover and advocate for the conservation of wildlife and natural habitats. By serving on the executive board at Wild and Free Foundation, he was given the unique opportunity to help develop programs to end poaching and uplift communities by utilizing community oriented strategies, quite similar to his methodology of bringing art to his immediate surroundings. 


By tying his principals and many passions together, Roman has made it his mission to leave his mark on society by bringing sustainable change in a healthy and positive way. 



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