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Open Call: Unfamous Thrift Shop

Open call: The Unfamous Thrift Shop is a collaborative show with the Con Artist Collective and artist, Ed Majkowski on May 27 & 28, 2017. There is a thrift shop theme: we strive to provide affordable clothing and an experience of "treasure hunting"; to seek out an item with a sense of originality as a whole. We also strive to battle capitalism and unite art lovers and regular by-passers within the community. Art shouldn't be exclusive, it should be inclusive, one should not feel restricted to feel or touch a certain piece of artwork. We want to find a mutual respect and understanding between the artist and the audience. We want to change the status-quo of contemporary art. Artists and local small businesses, or those who simply create, are urged to submit any type of clothing that is by the people for the people!

Email us at for a link to an application to reserve your space.

Best, Unfamous

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