The 143

Head Designer 

The 143 is is a self-taught artist and muralist based in Queens, NY. Specializing in pop art, typography and slight erotica, he holds a firm balance between graffiti and his shift towards fine art. Starting from drawing pictures of his family at the early age of six, to being one the best art students in his elementary school class, to his participation in the NYC graffiti scene in 2008-2009, The 143 combines a variety of mediums which makes up his unique set of skills.


Drawing huge influence from graffiti, he has mastered large scale painting and began an extensive public art portfolio not only throughout his local community but in other states such as Massachusetts, New Jersey, Oregon, Washington and more. Aside from graffiti, he is additionally influenced by Jack Kirby, Alberto Vargas, Will Eisner, Milo Manara and hopes to become just as influential for other artists.


Since 2014, The 143 has worked with Unfamous NY as the head designer, creating all types of digital work such as custom images, flyers, stickers and apparel. On his spare time he collects sneakers, reads comic books and creates digital drawings via the Procreate App while listening to salsa music. He currently is a full time artist and muralist, working on commissions, logos, designs and portraits both manually and digitally.


The 143 is dedicated to dividing the stigma between graffiti and fine art as well as promoting the fact that one does not need to complete academic art coursework in order to be a successful artist. He declares that having had no professional art training gives him the encouragement and freedom to simply create from his heart. With this declaration, he hopes to inspire those around him while tackling his own goals, such as turning his erotica art into three dimensional action figures. 



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