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MothaTruckin Art Show 3
Curated by Unfamous NY

The white box truck - a graffiti staple of New York, individually customized by each artist to create stunning 1:43 scale models to capture street art culture at its core.

Fr. - Oct 22, 2021    4PM-9M
Sat. - Oct 23, 2021    2PM-9PM
Sun. - Oct 23, 2021    2PM-9PM

Location: 208 Bowery, New York


$5 suggested donation
Wild and Free Foundation



About Wild and Free:
Wild and Free is dedicated to protecting critically endangered animals worldwide and
empowering human beings living around the National Parks in Southern Africa (home to 80% of the worldʼs last wild rhinos) with training, tools, sport, financial opportunity, technology, and
education in order to protect, support, and benefit wildlife and habitat.


Q: Can I get in without an RSVP? 

No. Unless you are an artist, you cannot enter without an RSVP. If you are a friend of an artist, you need to RSVP. 


Q: Why RSVP?

We decided this structure would be the safest way to accommodate our guests while adhering to the current capacity limitations on indoor events. 


Q: Will there be drinks?

Yes. No BYOB. 

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