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Boardwalk Arts, Presented by Unfamous NY at The Brooklyn Music Festival 2017

Boardwalk Arts this year at The Brooklyn Music Festival will be curated by Unfamous NY. With the help of 39 artists all over NYC, Ozone Park Lumbers, Brooklyn Cloth and the family at Unfamous NY, we built a 48 foot long and 6 foot tall wide wooden wall installation. Mural style mixed media paintings allowed for an immersive, interactive experience for the guests of Governor's Island NY.

With artwork from: (in so specific order)

143, Belowkey, MyMy, Pure Love, Ajes, ButtsUp, SHARPY, LOVENOTES, Lola the Illustrator, Poler, Ozbe, Zero, Cavieles, Ed Majkowski, Al Ruiz, Marios Papadoniou, Solomia, 1IE, Johnny Flid, Zers OTL, Roycer, Jose Aurelio Baez, River, Pedro Felipe, Vanezza Cruz, Werd, Matt Santiago, Uncle Robert, Toothless, Mai Gai, Foda Culture, Skyllas_Wang, UncuttArt. ProtectYoHeArt, MAKE$ and HEKTAD.

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