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It’s A FEMALE MothaTruckin Art Show

Back at it again!!🎨 Thursday Oct 15 from 8pm-12am at @artelgardenbk, the outdoor garden space of @artelbk 💥 This show aims to bring light towards female graffiti, an often underrepresented topic as a whole. The lineup starts from the core of female empowerment through graffiti and mural art to the effect of their influence in what is the culture of this art today. From NYC and beyond, these artists exemplify a universal embodiment of sisterhood and feminism through their different forms of expression in the graffiti and mural art world 🌎

Its a MothaTruckin Art Show 🚚 will display artwork on 1:43 scale freightliner trucks featuring:














Curated by @unfamousny 🤟🏽

Flyer Artwork by @art_stocks 🔥


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