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It's A MothaTruckin' Art Show

"It's A MothaTruckin' Art Show " is a mixed media, arts showcase featuring art, music, live painting + more with your favorite local creatives. Curated by UnfamousNY, over 30 street artists were invited to paint on scale toy trucks, to be displayed along with works of art from those & 20 more mixed media artists. Inspired by the art seen on trucks throughout the city we live in, there are street artists in nearly every country in the world who are influenced and inspired by a plethora of cultures and styles. As native New Yorkers, we are inspired by the art seen on trucks around every corner in our everyday lives. Box trucks capture the true essence of New York street art. It has the ability to transform time and bring back the nostalgia of New York in the 70’s to 80’s when subways were covered with graffiti and art. The box trucks allow us to unite and showcase artists of all styles. It transfers from one borough to another and one city to another. This leads to a wide and expansive body of urban art that can be found at "It's A MothaTruckin' Art Show ". A portion of all sales will be donated to The Dreaming Zebra Foundation -- -a nonprofit encouraging children to embrace their individuality, to express themselves creatively, and follow their artistic dreams by providing art & music supplies to underprivileged youth throughout the world. It is our way of creating a movement, while giving back to the community we live in.

March 2&3 6:00 PM - 12:30 AM

Absurd Conclave, 360 Jefferson St, BK

Ticket Link:

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