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Drawing the Line

Drawing the Line: A retrospective of the 80's graffiti movement to modern urban art. A collaborated curation by: Unfamous NY + The Queens Arts Collective Location: Queens College Art Center, Benjamin S. Rosenthal Library 6th Floor Date(s): Opening Reception: Friday Jan 25, 2019 + Saturday Jan 26, 2019 ; 12PM-8PM Exhibition through March, 02. By appointment only! (After the opening reception) To request an appointment, visit Lineup: BelowKey BG183, Tats Cru Bis Chris RWK City Kitty Curve Diego 127 Dos Easy Fcee Free5NYC Ghost Ris Gouch Henry Chalfant Hiss Kit17 Kr1 Matt Siren Mel One Miro Ris Mrs Mutz Part TDS ProxOne Raphael Gonzalez Ribs Gak Riiisa Boogie Sek Fink Sev TDT Shiro South SPone Greg Lamarche Turtle Caps Vers Vewer Yes Interested? Going? RSVP+ Invite your friends! Everyone loves art. See you there!

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