DAY 1 - THURS 02/27


Custom clock show 

Kicking off the grand opening festival is "Buried in Time" a group art exhibition aiming to highlight the concept of a New York Minute 🗽 🎨

Opening Reception: Thursday February 27 8PM-12AM 🎨 

Featuring a series of customized wall clocks by:
@ribs_gak @gouchizm @turtlecaps@belowkey 

@art_stocks @partonetds@uncuttart 

@_marco_santini_ @ddaell@dos_wallnuts 

@jasonnaylor @ogmillie@isabelle_ewing_ 

@peterpaidnyc@yes0ne @mylifein.yellow

@7lineartstudio @gustonyc @beetlebob @muffinmannyc@_myizm 

@_polerific_ @chillss__@iartbinge 

@la_femme_cheri@dylonthomasburns @bloodymedusa@not_yourmuse @kelilucas@albertusjoseph @sarahleechoiart@clockworkcros 

@kick.or.treat @surfaceofbeauty


Mixed-media artworks by:@roycer_700@skatchface @ublincd @johnnyflid@fluidtoons @rhdoaz @_artbaez @loaf_art_@uncle_robert V.I.C @lifeofdeem@emcfunk @artistami.eva@nymphainna_
Curated by @unfamousny 🤟🏾 and @ogmillie 🤟🏾


Live painting competition 

7 artists will face off against one another in a live painting competition consisting of three, 30 minute rounds. In each round, the artists will receive a unique set of mystery materials and are expected to use all of them in their artworks. The artists are allowed to bring one item from their studio as an aid. A panel set of judges will decide who goes on to the next round based on creativity, presentation and overall execution. The winner will receive a free solo show at Artel, a mural opportunity and a cash prize. 🎨

Participating Artists:
@madvaillan@zeroproductivity @zeehanwazed @johnnyflid 

@vballentine99@wwoww_emgrl 🎨

@turtlecaps @t.k.m85 @198allenstreet

Sounds by:
@noso_ @ric808sound DjSpace

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