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Our public arts initiative is divided into three general categories with the same objective, to paint our town and douse it with color. 

Open Call Guidelines:

To submit a design for consideration for painting and participating in the Unfamous Public Arts Initiative, follow these steps:


1. Read below and decide which project interests you. You may apply for all projects and may submit as many different submissions, per project. 

2. Please send an email to containing the following information:

  • Name

  • Artist Name

  • Instagram Handle

  • Contact

  • Short bio of yourself (optional)

  • Short bio of the work (optional)

  • A JPG or PNG, PDF or TIF with a max of 10.0 MB attachment of your submission​​

  • Preffered borough 

  • A projected timeline outlining duration of painting

  • Samples of previous work

  • Include the subject of the project you are applying in the headline of your email

3. Please keep in mind:

  • Assume there is no budget in conjunction with your submission, if selected. If funds are available, we will provide the budget in your acceptance email. 

  • Prior large scale, mural experience preferred but not required.  

  • Be mindful of any themes or deadlines pertaining to each project. 

  • We cannot guarantee your preferred borough.

  • Painting will take place in Spring - Summer 2020.

Beautify Queens

The theme for Beautify Queens 2020 is Our PlanetPlease submit your designs focusing on our environmental footprint and impact as humans on this Earth. It should raise awareness of both our advancement yet simultaneous drawbacks on our planet. In celebration for Earth Day's 50 Year Anniversary. 

Deadline: Monday, November 25 2019 11:59 PM EDT.

Paint the Town

This category is intended for un-themed and unrestricted content submissions for any borough. Walls are public or on private owned small businesses. Feel free to submit your own creative designs or branded designs for specific trades such as a pizzeria, deli or restaurant. Please specify whether your design is intended for a wall or gate.

Deadline: Rolling open call.

Spread Love: Mini Murals

This category is intended for un-themed and unrestricted content submissions for our mini mural, wooden installation. Walls are plywood sheets varying in length and height, usually 8 feet high and 8-12 feet long. Spring 2020.

Deadline: Closed.

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